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Theatrical consulting services for playwrights and theatres:

New Play Development for Playwrights

Have a big idea? I’d love to brainstorm with you. Throw any and all concepts and visions at me, and I’ll help you sort them out. Not only will I give you the tools that can elevate your writing process, but I will encourage schedules and deadlines that ensure that your work becomes exactly what you want it to be.

  • For $150, I will meet with you three time to discuss your ideas. Together, we'll see your play from its current state through two new drafts. With each meeting we'll set goals and deadlines, and I'll make sure that you are making the progress you feel necessary. Additionally, I am available to answer any questions during this process, including fact-checking, spell-checking, and general inquiries. This process will typically take 8-10 weeks.

Single Draft Feedback for Playwrights

Have you already finished your script? Just need some guidance before making it a reality? Send it my way and I'll give you my initial thoughts, reactions, and guidance. This option is a great choice for anyone intending to submit their work to theatres and festivals in the near future.​

  • For $100, I will read a draft of your current work and provide feedback in three categories (thematic guidance and questions, fact-checking and accuracy, formatting and grammar). After I have compiled all of this, we will meet once to discuss all notes. This process will typically take 7-10 days.

Production Dramaturgy for Theatres

Are you producing a reading or production of a new play? Let me join the team as your resident expert. By working with the playwright, the production team, and all actors, I can ensure that your production is cohesive and accurate. My work can encourages all storytellers to share their best work. This is a must for any pieces with historical events, real-life figures, academic subject matter, or a niche interest.

  • For $125, I will meet with you, compile materials for your team, and present my research.

  • For $200, I will meet with you, compile materials for your team, present a preliminary assortment of research, and research subsequent questions for anyone on your team.

Also available to plan and coordinate post-show talkbacks and discussions on a case-by-case basis.


Let's chat. Email me to set up a first meeting and we'll get started from there.